Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tina and Adam - Twin Waters Sunshine Coast

Tina and Adam had a beautiful ceremony at the Novatel Twin Waters Resort, then we ventured to North Shore for a great shoot. Tina looked absoluting stunning! I love beach weddings, and when you combine a perfect location with a great couple (and bridal party )- it's bliss. We were also blessed with an amazing sky, and great weather. This is definately a wedding I will remember.

I wish Tina and Adam all the best for their future together!


  1. these are such AMAZING photo's beth!!! How do you get the sky to do that thing?!?!?! Love the colours and also love how you seem to position your 'people' - I love the beach ones but LOVE the tree lined avenue too...just're amazing! xxx

  2. Love the sky shots. Great cloud going on there!

  3. WOW i LOVE you shots!! You should watermark them. Didn't the sky put on a display too!